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Fall 2019 2019 CERT Basic Training class has stared, click below for info!

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Joining Bristol CERT is easy!

Most everyone is able to become a team member. There’s only 2 major requirements:

1. Complete a CERT Basic training class in Connecticut (24 Classroom Hours) These are offered all over Connecticut, Bristol offers 1 or 2 classes a year.
2. Take an oath as a sworn member of Bristol CERT

Individuals who have not yet taken a CERT Basic Training are still welcome to join us at our meetings – email and we will contact you on how you can join us while waiting to take a CERT Basic training class, and information on attending our meetings.

Additional Info

Every person who is part of CERT has gone through a 24 hour training program. This course is typically offered one day a week for 7 weeks. This program was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is supported by the Department of Homeland Security. While joining a CERT chapter requires the completion of this training program you can take the program and not join a CERT chapter too.  Below are some of the materials covered in this course:

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Fire Safety
  • Disaster Medical Operations–Triage and
  • Treating Life Threatening Injuries
  • Disaster Medical Operations–
    • Assessment, Treatment, and Hygiene
  • Light Search and Rescue
  • Team Organization
  • Disaster Psychology
  • Terrorism and CERT

We offer additional training for our CERT group. While joining CERT requires graduation from the above course nobody is required to take the following classes. Generally people just take what interests them. Below is a partial listing of some additional classes CERT members across the country have taken:

  • Large Animal Rescue
  • Shelter Management
  • CPR
  • Ham Radio
  • First Aid
  • Mountain Bike Search & Rescue

CERT is used to assist emergency services during a critical incident, as well as helping at planned events. Depending on the situation a CERT team in one area may be asked to deploy in another area. Always of primary concern is that each CERT member has taken care of their own family first.

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