Ham Radio

Ham Radio

Training Resources 
Classroom exam prep training is offered from time to time to help people get their ham license, whether or not they wish to join CERT. The Insurance City Radio Club (ICRC) are the primary instructors and in conjunction with CERT manage the ham license training. CERT with the ICRC also offer continued training to those who have obtained their license as well. Note: There are 3 exam levels: Technician, General, Extra, which must be passed in order. Each level provides more privileges than the one that comes before it. If you are going to take an exam, make sure you study for the right one! The questions that are on each exam are public knowledge. Studying the hundreds of possible questions lets you learn the material. Doing a combination of studying and taking the practice exams greatly increases your chance of success. A good tactic is to read through the study guide, just skimming it the first pass, not trying to memorize it. Then take a couple of practice exams and when you don’t know the answer search the PDF file for the answer. Read the entire page the answer is on, then move on to the next practice exam question. Eventually you won’t have to keep looking up the answers.

  1. No Nonsense Study Guide
  2. Online free practice exams:
    1. http://hamexam.org/
    2. http://www.qrz.com/hamtest/
    3. http://www.eham.net/exams/
  3. Tablet or smartphone study tools:
    1. Android – Ham Radio Study Guide 
    2. iPhone/iPad – Ham Radio Exam Tech 
  4.  US Amateur Radio Bands 

Traffic Handling Information

  1. Radiogram form 
  2. FDS-218 … Components of the Radiogram
  3. FSD-3 ……. Routine Messages – ARL message codes
  4. FSD-244 … Amateur Radio Disaster Welfare Message form
  5. Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR)
  6. Station Activity Report  (SAR)


  1. American Relay Radio League 
    1. Net locator  – Click on “Search for Net” at this link.
    2. Find a club 
  2. Traffic net websites local to Bristol
    1.  Nutmeg
    2. Wesconn 
    3. Bears
  3. Connectcut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CT ARES)
  4. Skywarn – For Hartford/Tolland Counties in CT
  5. Radio Clubs
    1. Southington Amateur Radio Association (SARA)
    2. Insurance City Relay Club (ICRC)
  6. Android apps:
    1. RepeaterBook 
    2. Echolink
  7. Apple
    1. Echolink 

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Bristol CERT Cross Community NET – 
Thursday evening 8:00 PM 146.685(-) PL77Hz
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