Be Prepared


This corner of our website is to help people find information to educate themselves. This might be a link for self education, training, or a resource to help find information during a crisis. Feel free to contact us if you have a link you think would be helpful to others or if you find a link that no longer works.

Links to Resources

For CERT Members

  • Activating or attending events
    • Wear appropriate clothing
      • Bring your go-bag with gear for the event
        • Water for yourself
        • food or snacks
        • whistle
        • traffic vest
        • flashlight
        • gloves
      • clipboard and ICS Forms
        • Link to ICS forms you should have a copy of for “planned” and “sudden” activations

For Everyone

  In the process of preparing for unforeseen or emergency situations, it’s important to think about your needs and priorities, so you can plan to meet the most important needs first. Your list of priorities might be something like the ones below:

Three-day supply
Add more regularly (monthly or quarterly)

Emergency kits 
At home
In the car

Food storage 3-month supply 
Start with a two-week supply
Add to it in two-week supply increments
Learn how to grow and store your own food


Light and warmth

Communication and Power

Specialized preparedness/survival skills and gear

Food storage
Preparing for household emergencies