ICS and CERT Forms for Bristol CERT

ICS Forms for Bristol CERT

Bristol CERT recommends people take the NIMS courses, IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-700.a, and IS-800.b. Each class is an independent study class and can be taken online for free HERE:


These classes introduce people to the procedures and practices that help people prepare for and resolve emergencies of all sizes, utilizing methods that scales up or down depending on the size of the situation. when multiple agencies and communities are involved due to using common procedures taught to all across the country.

Below are the Incident Command System (ICS) Forms adopted for use with Bristol CERT. You can store a couple copies of them in your go-bag in an enclosed clipboard or tri-folded in a sealable plastic baggie.

  • ICS-201: prepared before an event if possible. Map of key locations, resources being requested and brought to the event. Page 3 being skipped for minor events and activations
  • ICS-202: prepared on site by the Incident Leader for each Operational Period
  • ICS-204: Assignment List accountability of personnel assigned to various teams
  • ICS-205A: Communication List – A “how to contact those on site” list
  • ICS-208: Safety Message Plan
  • ICS-211: The sign in sheet for each operational period
  • ICS-214: A place to log all major requests, incidents, and changes that occur
  • ICS-214A: Accident report that must be filled out if a CERT member or someone else is hurt on scene
  • ICS-215A: Incident Action Safety Plan
  • ICS-218: Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory
  • ICS-303: All items brought to the scene, listed in ICS-201, are checked in and out via this form
  • ICS-309: Used by the communications team to log all key pieces of transmitted communications
  • CERT Form #1: Damage Assessment Summary of overall hazards in selected areas
  • CERT Form #2: Personal Resource Check in Sign in roster
  • CERT Form #3: Assignment Tracking Used by Command Post for SITREP
  • CERT Form #4a: Briefing Assignment Provides instruction to functional Teams
  • CERT Form #5: Victim Treatment Area Record Used to provide status on victims to Command
  • CERT Form #6: Communication Log (similar to ICS-309) radio operator log sheet
  • CERT Form #7: Equipment Inventory (similar to ICS-303) Used for issuance of equipment
  • CERT Form #8: General Message Communication form for all levels