Bristol Emergency Shelter 

What if a disaster strikes and you are without power or means to survive!

What steps do you need to take to find a shelter?

1. Call 211 to find out what emergency facilities are available.

2. Go to the City of Bristol shelter located at the Senior Center, 240 Stafford Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010

What can I expect at the shelter?

                1. Facilities and services are minimal.

                2. Sleeping is dormitory style on cots.

                3. You are provided three meals a day.

                4. Entertainment is minimal – TV, games and meeting new friends

                4. Only service dogs are allowed. 

                5. Showers are available.

                6. Personal information remains confidential and secure.

What is involved when I arrive at the shelter?

                1. Upon entering the shelter, an in-processing interview is conducted. All information collected is kept confidential.

                2. Sleeping cot assignment.

                3. Snacks and beverage available during in-processing

What do I bring to the shelter?

                1. Bring your medicines.

                2. Toiletries to maintain personal hygiene.

                3. Change of clothes.

                4. Personal items such as blanket, pillow, phone, charger, tablet, computer, book to read and cards. 

Can I leave and come back?

                1. Yes, there is a sign in and sign out roster if occupant needs to leave and come back.

What is expected of me while staying at the shelter.

                1. Occupants has rules to follow.  Click on this link    CERTShelterRules-Occupants.22.12

                2. If you have any questions ask to speak with the Shelter Manager.

Can I bring my pet?

                1. Only service dogs are allowed in the shelter. CERTShelter-Rules-Pets.23.09

                2. Bring, leash, water dish, medication(s), food, if special (you are responsible for the dog’s care).

                3. What can I do with my pet if I can’t bring to the shelter?

                     a. Go to a hotel that allow animals.

                     b. Have a friend or relative take care of your pet.

                     c. Make arrangements to visit and stay with family out of state.